QCT Jointly Forms 5G Tainan Team to Drive Standalone 5G Applications in Tainan City

Taoyuan, Taiwan, July 14, 2020 – Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a leading provider of global data center solutions, today jointly announced the formation of the initiative “5G Tainan Team” with 10 Taiwanese and Japanese companies. Together, they will develop the n79 standalone (SA) 5G telecommunications technology and equipment to drive the development of 5G in Tainan City. Tainan Mayor, Wei-cher Huang, and officials from the National Development Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Ministry of Science and Technology jointly attend the kick-off ceremony. Several public and private sector sites in the city will be used as the main platform for first-time application verification, focusing on manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, performances and exhibitions, agriculture, and fishery. Standalone 5G networking technology is an important foundation for enterprise private networks and QCT hopes to expand its application to the enterprise market based on the results of Tainan’s n79 standalone 5G network.

“This cooperation with the Tainan City Government has set a new milestone for QCT to enter the telecommunications market. It brings together outstanding partners in various fields, to jointly drive the application of 5G applications in Tainan City,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “This will be the first standalone 5G solution to market in the region with verified real world scenarios, and the 5G Tainan team is just the beginning. We expect this cooperation to spark further achievements, in both domestic and overseas markets.”

As the world continues to enter the 5G era, the discussion of the benefits of 5G continues to increase. QCT believes that the benefits of 5G for enterprises will be greater than the benefits for consumers, because 5G will promote enterprise private networks, and enterprise private networks are the catalysts that will drive the digital transformation of enterprises. The Global Association for Mobile Communications Systems (GSMA) pointed out in a recently published market report (Mobile Economy Report 2020) that by 2025, “5G will become the first generation in the history of mobile to have a bigger impact on enterprises than consumers,” and QCT also sees unprecedented benefits to enterprises with the advent of 5G. According to the estimates of several international research institutions, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5G in the enterprise market in the next few years will be over 42%, which is of great market value.

Enterprises are also showing great interest in 5G private networks, but this emerging technology urgently needs external resources to assist in its introduction before it can be deployed ahead of schedule and quickly put in place. QCT successfully imported cloud virtualization technology and equipment into the telecommunications operator network with its experience with Japan’s Rakuten Mobile. Now it is moving one step further and investing resources to develop standalone 5G networking technology and equipment that are suitable for the use of enterprise private networks to provide 5G new radios (NR). QCT is not only supplying hardware equipment for 5G NR and core network end-to-end solutions, but also focusing on system fine-tuning for different verticals and application scenarios to ensure that enterprise users can fully enjoy the benefits of 5G private network to promote digital transformation.

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