QCT Delivers Top Performance with New World Record Benchmarks with AMD EPYC™ on SPEC.org

QuantaGrid Servers with AMD processors achieve highest marks for compute intensive applications

San Jose (USA)/Düsseldorf, December 12, 2019 – Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solution provider, today announced that its recently released QuantaGrid D43K-1U and QuantaGrid S43KL-1U servers powered by AMD EPYC™ 7742 processors achieved the highest marks by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) according to the latest results released on November 26, 2019.

“It is our privilege to be among the list of the world’s fastest servers,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “Our engineers have been devoting themselves to providing customers with premium product solutions, and these records not only acknowledge QCT’s endeavors but also endorse our superior capacity to fine tune products according to our customers’ needs.”

These new world records were achieved against all alternative processor based systems and against competing vendor solutions using the same 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ processor platform. These high marks represent an impressive achievement in leadership system design and engineering for QCT as it validates that these systems are optimized to obtain the maximum performance possible from the 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™.

6 New SPEC CPU® 2017 Benchmark World Records

SPEC CPU® 2017 are a set of 43 benchmarks that measure compute intensive performance, stressing the system’s processor, memory subsystem and compiler. The SPECspeed® 2017 Integer and SPECspeed® Floating Point 2017 suites are a measure of the amount of time for a computer to complete a workload and are a time-based metric ideal for measuring speed. QCT’s 6 new performance records were achieved for the SPECspeed metrics with the QCT QuantaGrid D43K-1U dual socket system (4 world records) and the QuantaGrid S43KL-1U single socket system (2 world records) using the AMD EPYC 7742 processor which offers up to 64 cores each and 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes, making them ideal for measuring compute-intensive applications, such as High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.

  1. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Integer Base – Dual Socket System*
  2. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Integer Peak – Dual Socket System*
  3. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Floating Point Base – Dual Socket System*
  4. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Floating Point Peak – Dual Socket System*
  5. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Integer Base – Single Socket System*
  6. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Integer Peak – Single Socket System*

*Results as of November 26, 2019

QCT Total Cloud Solutions Powered by AMD EPYC

QuantaGrid D43K-1U is designed to unleash the power within the 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processor. It features dual AMD EPYC processors for up to 128 cores and 256 threads per system, 32 DIMM slots for up to 4TB of DDR4 memory, flexible front/rear storage options, five expansion slots, and single width GPU support, it is PCIe 4.0 ready with a balanced design for compute, memory and storage in a 1U chassis.

QuantaGrid S43KL-1U is no ordinary single socket rackmount server. Geared up with a single 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processor for up to 64 cores and 128 threads, 16 DIMM slots for up to 2TB of memory, flexible front/rear storage options, and five I/O slots, it aims to challenge the traditional dual socket data center ecosystem with flexible I/O options, single width GPU support, and PCIe 4.0 readiness in a 1U design.

For further information about QCT Total Cloud Solutions featuring the 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processor, please visit https://go.qct.io/amd-epyc-servers.

Image material is available for download at https://www.gcpr.de/presseraum/qct/

About Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global data center solution provider. We combine the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders to solve next-generation data center design and operation challenges. QCT serves cloud service providers, telecoms and enterprises running public, hybrid and private clouds.

Product lines include hyperconverged and software-defined data center solutions as well as servers, storage, switches and integrated racks with a diverse ecosystem of hardware component and software partners. QCT designs, manufactures, integrates and services cutting-edge offerings via its own global network. The parent of QCT is Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 corporation.

For more information, visit the QCT website at www.QCT.io.

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