Market survey by EUPD shows BYD Battery-Box has the largest market share for residential pv energy storage systems in Germany

Shenzhen/Berlin, June 13, 2022 – The market analysts of EUPD expect 200,000 residential storage systems to be installed in 2022. On the supplier side the analysts see BYD Battery-Box as the leading brand with the highest market share. BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, is delighted by the strong market acceptance in Germany and around the world, which is a testament to the solutions capabilities, high efficiency and reliability. The company has proven itself for delivering particularly safe and reliable battery systems. The patented modular design and plug-and-play installation is another reason making the solution popular among installers.

With an expected installed pv capacity of 2.5 GW in the size class up to 20 kWp for 2022 and155,000 residential storage systems installed in 2021, reported by EUPD’s market analysis, the German market is one of the leading markets for residential energy storage systems. The market analysis shows that BYD holds the largest market share with its Battery-Box solution series both in number of installed systems as well as with regards to installed capacity.

Successful track record

To date BYD has more than 250,000 Battery-Box systems installed globally. In the seven years since the launch of the first Battery-Box system, that product series has not only won several awards for its high efficiency[i], it has also proven itself to be one of the safest systems on the market – without a single fire or safety incident being recorded.

“We have been concentrating on our core expertise and longstanding experience «The Battery» from the beginning”, explains Julia Chen, Global Director, BYD Battery-Box. “This provides two major advantages. On the one hand we own and control the whole production process – from raw material sourcing to the final product. This way we can ensure the quality and highest security standards for the systems. On the other hand, the focus on the battery and the open system allows installers and end-customers the highest possible flexibility when it comes to the combination with the best suited and most efficient system combination with quality inverters.”

The advantages of an extremely flexible and adaptable design of a modular storage system are apparent: installers don’t need to familiarize themselves with multiple solutions, safe time and investments with regards to trainings and certifications, and can address a wide variety of customer demands with one system series.

The patented system for an easy and trouble-free installation together with the high efficiency and safety secured the top ranking for the Battery-Box series in as installer top system choice in 2021[ii].

To meet the growing demand, BYD has expanded its production capacity for lithium cells and had doubled the production lines for the Battery-Box modules. Following a delivery of 100,000 system to Europe in 2021 the company expects to deliver another 250,000 systems to the European market in 2022.

“We think the continuously growing market share is a strong testament to the quality of our systems,” said Julia Chen. “Key factors that made the Battery-Box the most popular system and Germany and other countries include the system flexibility with for numerous application scenarios and a very scalable seize, the easy installation, efficiency and the high safety and reliability. Another important element is the excellent cooperation with our valued partners in the region. This success would not have been possible without their outstanding support.”

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