BYD MC CUBE momentum shows growing demand for utility-scale energy storage

Shenzhen/Berlin, January 30, 2024 – BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, sees a growing demand for commercial storage solutions. A delivery of 9.8GWh for their storage solution BYD MC CUBE since the system was launched in March 2023 confirmed this trend.

With the highest market share for residential storage systems and more than 700,000 systems delivered to the European market, one of the company’s flagship products is the BYD BatteryBox system series. Extending their stationary energy storage solution portfolio, BYD launched the MC CUBE system family in March 2023. The rapid market response to this system portfolio shows that the energy storage demand and application scenarios in the utility scale and commercial space are increasing significantly. In addition to grid-connected systems or models for self-consumption, the use of energy storage as backup is becoming more and more popular. Another application adoption with a proven fast ROI is the use for peak-shaving, which can reduce energy costs significantly.


Like the BYD BatteryBox the MC CUBE systems are designed to provide a maximum of security, reliability, flexibility and can be scaled to fulfil future energy storage needs. BYD’s LFP battery technology, the blade battery and cell to systems design (CTS) are the basis for the highly integrated energy storage with ultra-high energy density. BYD has developed the battery technology based on the company’s in-depth experience in both the automotive and stationary energy storage market. As the automotive market is one of the most strictly regulated industries with extremely stringent safety requirements, this also helped in making the BYD stationary storage system the safest ones in the industry.

The system is extremely safe and reliable and has passed more than ten destructive tests such as short-circuit, vibration, and fire exposure. It offers four-level active and passive protection. Compliance with global energy storage standards, quick connector design to save time, and the flexible augmentation ensure a maximum of flexibility and configuration options. Each MC CUBE cabinet can operate independently. Therefore, in the case of service or later augmentation it is possible to add or remove cabinets without affecting the rest of the system. The maximized overall energy density and compact footprint contributes to the systems cost-efficiency. A connection to the BYD cloud system enables real-time monitoring and smart energy management. The MC CUBE system series has proven its extreme safety and reliability and has been UL9540A test certified.

System size starts from 434kwh for one cabinet and can be extended to up to 10 cabinets in 1 container, while virtually any quantity of the systems can be connected in parallel.

One example for a utility scale project successfully implementing MC CUBE, is the Hunan Yueyang Huarong energy storage power plant. BYD Energy Storage supplied a total of 58 sets of 200MWh MC CUBEs for the project. The 100MW/200MWh project has been successfully connected to the grid on June 5th 2023. This project is the world’s first large-scale grid-connected energy storage project using BYD MC CUBE.

“The rapid market response to this system shows that the energy storage demand and application scenarios in the utility scale storage sector is strong and growing. In addition to the classic front-of-the-meter (FTM) applications, demand is growing for behind-the-meter (BTM) medium size systems for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector”, said Alvaro Garcia, Commercial Director, EFT-Systems, official service partner of BYD. “In order to satisfy that demand while benefitting from the latest energy storage technology, BYD has made it possible for the MC CUBE to be installed as a single cabinet of just over 400kwh of capacity. This can be applied to proven fast ROI applications such as peak-shaving, arbitrage or EV charging optimization.”

“BYD continues its strong focus on R&D to continuously advance the battery technology to ensure the highest standards in quality and safety. This allowed the brand to build a reputation not only in the commercial but also in the residential sector for providing extremely reliably and safe systems. A track record of more than 500,000 Battery-Box systems having been installed in the market with not a single safety incident confirmed this position,” concludes Alvaro Garcia.

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